Stones, bones and puddles – I watch everything -people sitting quietly on a bench not chatting and not interacting. As I approach a person begging on the street – it tears at my gut, and always the internal battle – how best to support them? I’ll watch the sunset and the stars. Thanking universe and god that I can see. I’ll notice and sense separation, tension, unspeakable moments between people. I am so energized by people’s lives past and present, in particular those who have and do use their courage, commitment and conviction to fight for justice, stand up for the weak, shout out for the silent, or be present quietly and effectively beside someone who is hurting. I watch the people around me – starting and running business on their own – following their vision with gut determination and sheer hard work. Friends who after years of being unhappy, reach deep into their soul, manage to change their environment, return to education and training to achieve their goal. People matter to me. The Earth matters to me. What we are all doing or not doing matters to me. I return to working with clay, plaster, wax and metal to make sense of all around me and to find my personal response. These tactile materials create the opportunity for me to grab hold, move, manipulate, pull, push, tear, rip, beat, hammer and slowly, ever so slowly as I work to the final surfaces, gently touch, pat, smooth, hold and cradle to heal.



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