The raw, deep, physicality of manipulating materials in their ever-changing state. Clay, Plaster and Wax respond instantaneously to push, prod, pour, drip, splatter, cut. The temperature, mood, emotions, feelings and thoughts all provide a miracle of opportunities for response. Explorations and experiments are wonderful times to simply ‘Play’. Engage. Give the wobbly dreams, confused reason, instantaneous actions room, time and attention to breathe. Many, and many more of the explorations end up on window ledges, stored in boxes marked – “Might be useful one day”. Often I stare at them – wondering why did I do that? Where did that come from? Casting sunflower heads in wax. Taking plaster casts of sand patterns down at the sea front. Picking up a tiny piece of broken shell worn down and smooth, following endless friction rolls by waves. Gathering those instances because they have caught my eye, posed a question, or quite simply struck me by their beauty. “Playing” with materials frees me up and allows for totally unexpected, magical things to happen. Recreating those moments at a desired point in time adds to the quest and the challenge. They are my 3 dimensional drawings, my visual dictionary, my trials and tribulations.


Football Mould


Under the Bridge

On Top of the World