War Horse Series Gallery

Caroline Bond’s new series of cast bronze sculptures are called  “War Horses”, the horses echo the emotional position of the many people who find themselves caught up in the line of fire between conflict and war.

This series of sculptured Horses reflects upon their physical and emotional responses exposed to such explosive violence and ghastly conditions resulting in devastating hurt and terror. They echo the many innocent people who find themselves caught in the middle of opposing views. Theirs a dis-orientation and fear; responding aimlessly and lost.  It aims to give due recognition to forgotten friends, comrades who never gave up and never complained for the simple reason that they could not. They found themselves on both sides of the divide, bearing a silent witness to goals and ambitions of one human or the combined aspirations of few or many.

She asks: Is the grammar of acceptance, togetherness and peace – a language, which must be punctuated with bruises, bullets and bombs?

Where is terror stored?